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Who are we?

Imagine raising $10,000+ in just one hour for a charity!  That's exactly what we do and we promise to have you leaving each meeting with the best feeling for doing amazing charity work in our community!


Don't think of it as a meeting, we like to think of our gatherings as a guaranteed  "Girls Night Out," four times a year!


Anyone can join our meetings to see what we're all about!  If you feel that 100 Cache Valley Women Who Care is something you'd like to be a part of (we're sure that you will), we always have Membership Forms ​on-site for you to join or you can join online by clicking the button to the right!

Become a member

Are you ready to make the commitment?Are you ready to become one of the 100 Cache Valley Women Who Care?
Your commitment to this group will help us make an impact in our community that will last a lifetime! Join us today!

. . . or fill out this form online

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