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Orange Tulip

April 25th 2019

7:30 pm  -  Green Canyon High School


The following organizations have been nominated so far...


Cache Valley Dance Ensemble

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures

Meeting Presenters

The following organizations have been selected (by drawing out of a hat) to be voted on at our April 2019 meeting. Representatives from each charity will give a five-minute presentation to the group prior to voting. We will then select one of the three to receive $100 from each or our members.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 12.25.12

At SeeeMe (Sustainable Engineering, Economics, and Education), we believe that serving others can affect those serving as much as those being served. SeeeMe recently built a school near Mbale, Uganda. We also organize teams of volunteers once or twice a year to travel to Uganda and conduct specific projects requested by small, usually remote, village communities, primary schools and orphanages. 

VDE’s mission is to stimulate the awareness, study and performance of modern and unique dance by promoting community participation and artistic excellence.


Our primary goals are to share the joy of movement and expression, and find new and interesting ways to communicate through the art of dance.

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures' mission is to provide life-enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities. We provide adaptive equipment and support, which enable people with disabilities to participate in outdoor recreation alongside their peers. These experiences reduce stereotypes, raise awareness, and empower people to realize their full potential. Our trips are not only accessible physically but also financially.

Selected Charity

At our meeting, we voted for the SeeeMe organization.


If you were unable to attend, check your email for instructions on where to send your check or simply notify us via email at and we will send you the address of where to send your check. Thanks!!

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