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Three Pumpkins

October 10th, 2019

7:30 pm  -  Spring Creek Middle School


The following organizations have been nominated ...

Adoptive Families Coalition

Brightening Blooms

Cache Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Internet Safety Kids

United Way of Cache Valley

Meeting Presenters

The following organizations have been selected (by drawing out of a hat) to be voted on at our October 2019 meeting. Representatives from each charity will give a five-minute presentation to the group prior to voting. We will then select one of the three to receive $100 from each or our members.


Jim and Jackie’s world was changed forever when they unexpectedly discovered the severe emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges of their adopted baby. They needed financial support for intensive therapeutic treatment, but after much searching the family soon realized that the funding they needed was non-existent. Through this experience, the Palmers determined there had to be a better way to get help— both for their own child and for other families going through the same struggles. In 2012, they, along with like-minded visionaries, established Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) to offer resources to families with post adoption challenges. In addition to financial assistance through their sponsorship program, AFC provides parent coaches, resource networking database, and support for families struggling to help their child heal from attachment and trauma.

white ribbon week.png

In 2009, Deanna Lambson, a U of U graduate, elementary teacher, and mother of 6 decided to help the children at her local elementary school use technology in healthy and positive ways. She discovered that there was a huge void when it came to teaching kids how to navigate through a media saturated world. Deanna was determined to change that.  

Her group developed materials to be used in a White Ribbon Week positive school program presented by volunteers or teachers that helps kids make healthy choices in media and technology. Every day, kids learn a new principle of online behavior—reinforced through discussions and fun activities. This program is research based and kid tested.

Internet Safety Kids is seeking a donation to develop digital animation for a children's online certification course to accompany school programs.


United Way of Cache Valley brings together citizens, community leaders, business, the faith community, government, non-profit organizations and other institutions to determine the most critical human issues that require collective, not just individual, action. These issues range from basic human needs - like food, shelter and emergency assistance - to emerging and growing issues like the need for affordable housing, services and support for seniors, and positive youth development. United Way of Cache Valley then raises money locally and invests resources.  United Way of Cache Valley is one of the few remaining not-for-profit vehicles to pool investments in order to create a greater return on the individual investment. United Way does not directly provide human services. Instead, we each are helping to create a focused agenda, investing in strategies and agencies that show results, and providing investment options in a community pool, an issue-oriented product investment (e.g. fostering independence), and the opportunity to invest in individual agencies.

Selected Charity

At our meeting, we voted for the Adoptive Families Coalition


If you were unable to attend, check your email for instructions on how to donate online or where to send your check. Notify us via email at if you have additional questions or need further assistance. Thanks!!

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