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What if I cannot attend a meeting?

If a member cannot attend a meeting she should send her regrets to the Admin ( and for her check she can do one of two things:

  • Mail or arrange check drop-off to Admin within 5 days of the meeting date. We can only count the votes of members who are present at the meeting. We will notify members of the winning NPO via email so they know who to make their check out to and where to send it. Your check must be sent to the Admin, so we can track your donation, then we will forward to the NPO. 

  • Send a proxy (friend) to the meeting with your check. Proxy will be allowed to vote. Fill out Proxy form here.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, as only registered not-for-profit and charitable organizations will be sponsored by the group. Checks are written directly to the charitable organization and NOT to 100 Cache Valley Women Who Care. Tax receipts will be issued directly by the charitable organization upon request.


Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

Of course you can! However, in order to vote and attend the meeting portion they will have to register by signing a COMMITMENT FORM and become a member. We will have Commitment Forms available at each meeting. Please come 30 minutes prior to the meeting if you need to register a friend on location.


Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?

Because the goal of 100 Women Who Care is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group, the answer is NO. We want to be able to support this endeavor and give $10,000+ dollars at a time to make a large impact in our community with each member’s donation being part of the larger donation. This is the power of joining forces! We also need to be able to track your donations so that you get credit for the donation and remain eligible for attending and voting at meetings.


What do you do with my personal information?

100 Cache Valley Women Who Care collects your personal information (including name, address, email address, phone number) strictly for the purpose of maintaining our membership list. 100 Cache Valley Women Who Care will not sell, give or otherwise share your personal information without your express consent. We do like to recognize our members via social media and other venues. If a member would like to remain anonymous they must let us know at the time of joining.

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